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  Opening Times

We are located about 5 mins from Junction 10 of the M20 near Ashford in Kent. We are not there every day so if you would like to come and look around give us a call on 07836 725668 to arrange a time, we are fairly flexible. There is now a high speed train from St.Pancras to Ashford International which only takes 38 mins...

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Pub Chairs

Bentwood Chair Set of 4 oak chairsFrom the Classic Bentwood Chair (we have many styles of this beauty see the Bentwood Chair Page) to sets of 4 or 6 Oak Pub dining chairs from the 1930's and 40's,(again so many different styles, most with easy to upholster drop-in seats), to the finer, more delicate Queen Anne Style Walnut or Mahogany Pub Chair, for the refined punter (who won't rock back on the chairs legs!!) Or how about old, comfortable Kitchen Chairs, making up the rustic partof this lot, all lovely individual chairs for a more refined dining area. Our regularly changing stock of these old chairs allows us to sell individual items, or larger sets, depending on your requirements. The reclaimed pub chairs below give you an idea of the different styles we stock.

Oak Pub Chairs

We do get sets of pub chairs that have their original seat covers but sometimes they are worn out, so we re-upholster them in leather or leatherette, like this set, giving them an easy clean finish. This set have a high back , we also have sets with lower backs.

Set of four oak upholstered pub chairs

This set of oak pub chairs has its original seat covers.

Set of four oak upholstered pub chairs 002 Set of four oak upholstered pub chairs 004

Leather Back Pub Chairs

We often get sets of four or six padded leather pub chairs, these usually come in reds, browns and greens.

Set of 6 leather pub chairs Set of 6 leather and oak pub chairs

Low Back Oak Pub Chairs

Slightly lower back height on these chairs

Oak Pub Chair 1 Oak Pub Chair 2 Oak Pub Chair 3

Bar Stools

We also supply nice leather top pub barstools and Bentwood Barstools

Image of Leather top pub barstools 001 Image of tall bentwood barstools

Church Chairs and Chapel Chairs

We also supply church chairs , also known as chapel chairs, which are very sturdy and look great in a variety of pub settings.

Church Chair 1 Church Chair 2 Church Chair 3  

Pub Armchairs

Sometimes these sets of oak pub chairs have matching Armchairs, which look great at the end of a table or near a fireplace if you have one.

Two Oak Pub Armchairs Leather and Oak Pub Armchair Oak Pub Armchair

Telephone: 07836 725668