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Photo showing 3 different sized draw leaf pub tables

Draw Leaf Pub Tables

The mainstay of our Pub tables are draw leaf tables which generally come in three sizes, small 60x60cms, medium 76x76cms and standard 90x90cms. Each table has two leaves which can be pulled out to increase the size. We always have a good supply of these pub tables, although the small ones are much harder to find. The photo below shows draw leaf pub tables with a "barley twist" leg. This is probably the most common, but they were made with a variety of leg styles.

Pub Tables

A twelve seater pub table that folds to a six for that bay window, that awkward space against the wall by the loo's (small, easily movable two-seater) Draw leaf Pub Tables, Drop Flap Pub Tables, Gate Leg Pub Tables, Straight Leg Pub Tables, Folding Pub Tables, Surprise Tables, Magic Tables, Pine Tables, Wine Tables, Wind Out Tables, Extending Tables, Long Pub Tables, Narrow Tables, Low Tables. Below are examples of the types of reclaimed tables we stock , you won't necessarily be able to buy these exact ones but you will find similar items for sale.

Taper leg draw leaf tables

We also have these Tapering Leg draw leaf tables, again nice and sturdy with extending leaves. Available in 75 x 75 cms.
Tapering Leg Pub Draw Leaf Table Image of Tapering Leg Draw leaf table

Pedestal Pub Tables

Sometimes you'll find that you perhaps have fixed seating against a wall and four leg tables can make it difficult for people to sit down, thats where the Pedestal Draw Leaf Pub Table comes into its own. The central legs of a pedestal means that people won't knock their legs as they sit down. These also come in a variety of sizes, and also have extending leaves.
Light Oak Pedestal Pub Draw Leaf Table Dark Oak Pedestal Pub Draw Leaf Table

Round Pub Tables

Our round pub tables come in all sorts of shapes and sizes and look good using 1940's oak chairs or bentwood chairs.
Round Pub Table 001 Round Pub Table 002

Refectory Pub Tables

We have all manor of Refectory pub tables, the Ercol Refectory being one of the most popular. They usually come in dark or light oak, with 150x75cms being the standard size.
Ercol Refectory Pub Table 002 Ercol Refectory Pub Table 001
Refectory Pub Tables can look really nice accompanied by old pews or an Ercol Pub tables, shown here with some Bentwood chairs.
Refectory Pub Table and Pews Rectangular Ercol Pub Table

Metal Base Pub Tables

We also have some nice metal based pub tables, usually about 60 or 70cms diameter
Metal Based Pub Table Metal Based Pub Table 003