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We are located about 5 mins from Junction 10 of the M20 near Ashford in Kent. We are not there every day so if you would like to come and look around give us a call on 07836 725668 to arrange a time, we are fairly flexible.
 There is now a high speed train from St.Pancras to Ashford International which only takes 38 mins.

 Timetable link is here

Take a look at some of our furniture on this Youtube video
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Bentwood Chairs

At our warehouses near Ashford in Kent, we have many types of original Bentwood chairs. The Model 14 Bentwood chair with the classic hoop back being just one of many beautiful designs. Thonet, J and J Kohn, Mundus are all names associated with the classic bentwood chair. These bentwood chairs have stood the test of time and are still going strong after many years of use. We have been dealing in Bentwood chairs for more than thirty years and always have a large selection to choose from

MODEL 14  ( known today as model 214 )  

Thonet Model 14 or 214 Bentwood chair

Please note that possibly because we've passed the 150th anniversary of Thonets Patent on his design we have more demand for this bentwood chair than we can meet, so there is a bit of a waiting list for this model. We have lots of other styles which are just as nice to chose from.

A nice set of hoops                    "Cafe" style bentwood chairs

An image of Hooped Thonet Bentwood No.14 Chairs An image of Thonet cafe bentwood chairs

"Pin" or "spindle" type bentwood chairs

An Image of pin or spindle type Thonet bentwood chairs Cafe Style Bentwood Chair 2

Below are images of some other Bentwood chairs that we currently have in stock.  We not only supply antique bentwood chairs but also newer secondhand bentwood chairs.

Art Nouveau

An image of Art Nouveau Bentwood Chairs An image 8 Thonet Bentwood Chairs

Broadback A

An image of Broadback Bentwood Chairs A An image of Broadback B Bentwood Chairs An image of Broadback E Bentwood Chairs An image of Crocodile Effect Bentwood Chairs An image of Crocodile Cross-Stretcher Bentwood Chairs An image of Long U Bentwood Chairs An image of Long U Bentwood Chairs An image of Square Art Nouveau Bentwood Chairs

Telephone: 07836 725668